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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Mom Care Docs Frequently Asked Questions

Are any Family Physicians accepting new patients?

At present, we are accepting new patients for low- risk obstetrics, general practice or by physician referral. This policy has been adopted to ensure that our existing patients receive timely and appropriate care. We review this policy on a regular basis and will advise the public should anything change.

Will I always have the same doctor?

Mom Care Docs is a group practice. If you prefer to stick with the same physician or a smaller group of doctors, this can be accommodated. Each doctor works on a particular day of the week, so if you develop a good relationship with the physician you saw on your first visit, by booking on the same day each time, you can see that doctor for most visits.

We have regular group meetings and practice following the same guidelines, so although we may have different personalities, we all practice obstetrics in the same way.

When can I book an appointment with Mom Care Docs?

You can have your family doctor refer to us, or you can call and make an appointment when you know you are pregnant.  We offer appointments between 8:50 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday at The Allin Clinic.

Am I going to see students or residents at my visits?

Mom Care Docs is proud to teach resident physicians and medical students in clinic and in hospital. If there is a learner working with us at your visit or while you are in hospital, you do have the option of seeing only a Mom Care Doc physician. If you choose to assist us in teaching these budding professionals in the clinic, a Mom Care Doc physician will always see you as well.

Where will I deliver my baby?

We deliver at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.  The Labour and Delivery ward is located on the fourth floor of the Robbins Pavilion (Lois Hole Hospital for Women). This is on the West side of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

10245 – 111 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.

How long can I expect to be at my clinic appointments?

The first and second visits usually take about 30 minutes to complete, as we take a detailed medical history, do a physical examination and provide you with lots of information to keep your pregnancy safe and healthy. After this, your visits usually take 10-15 minutes.

As we are a group practice, we have a dedicated doctor on call each day for deliveries, so the clinic doctor does not have to leave to attend patients in the hospital.

Can I give birth in a tub?

We deliver babies at the Royal Alexandra Hospital where birthing tubs are not permitted. All birthing rooms have bath tubs and showers which many women find helpful for pain relief during labour, but you would need to come out of the tub for delivery.

Am I a low risk patient?

If you are generally healthy, do not have high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy and have had 1 or no previous C-sections, you are most likely low risk. Most low risk patients can be seen by a family doctor who delivers babies for their whole pregnancy and labour. If complications develop during your pregnancy or in labour, we work closely with the obstetricians at the Royal Alex and will consult with them as necessary to give you the best care.

Will I meet the doctor who delivers my baby before I get to the hospital?

You should have the chance to meet most or even all of the doctors if you book appointments with different doctors for each visit. If you prefer to stick to one or two docs for your prenatal visits, then most people find that during the admission and labour process, they build a relationship with the delivering Mom Care Doc.

Do Mom Care Docs work with doulas?

Coping with labour and delivery can be stressful and we are happy to accommodate the people who support you through this process. For some people a good support person is their spouse or a family member, but some women find a doula helpful too. Your doula, however, would not replace your physician for providing medical care and advice.

Is Mom Care Docs as safe as an obstetrician?

As long as you are considered a low risk patient and your pregnancy continues without major complications, being cared for by a family doctor is as safe for you and your baby as seeing an obstetrician. If complications ever do occur, we can rapidly consult or transfer your care to an obstetrician.

Any more questions?

Please feel welcome to call our office at (780) 482-7551, or look at our website for more information. www.allinclinic.ca/mom-care-docs/