Frequently Asked Questions

Are any Family Physicians accepting new patients?

At present, we are accepting new patients for low- risk obstetrics, general practice or by physician referral. This policy has been adopted to ensure that our existing patients receive timely and appropriate care. We review this policy on a regular basis and will advise the public should anything change.

How can I book an Aviation (MOT) Medical Exam?

If you are an aircraft pilot seeking an Aviation Medical Exam to satisfy Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) medical certification requirements please contact our office to book and appointment at 780-482-7551.

How do I get to The Allin Clinic?

The Allin Clinic is located in the heart of Edmonton in the Oliver Area. Paid parking is available on premise.

Allin Clinic
10155 – 120 St
Edmonton AB, T5K 2A2
Telephone: 780-482-7551

How do I make an appointment?

Please call the main line to book an appointment at 780-482-7551.

What is a Third Party Medical Exam?

A third party medical exam is medical exam (“physical”) is where a family physician evaluates your personal Healthcare state. Third party medical exams are not covered under public healthcare as there are optional services. To book a third party medical exam please contact The Allin Clinic at 780-482-7551.

What services are available at the Allin Clinic?

The Allin Clinic has a number of medical services available such as Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry and General Surgery.

What can I do if my doctor if fully booked?

The Allin Clinic has established an Urgent Care Program for patients in need of care when their physician is fully booked. These physicians are designated to only see patients of other physicians at the clinic. When you have completed your visit you are referred back to your family physician.

Why do I have to book an appointment for a prescription renewal?

It is your responsibility as a patient to ensure that you have enough medication until your next appointment. Proper medical practice requires regular monitoring of persons taking any medication and as such you must be seen by a physician. Patients requiring prescription renewals will be accommodated as soon as possible.

Why do I have to pay for Uninsured Services?

Not all services are covered by Alberta Health Care. Examples of uninsured services include most forms and some specialized exams such as driver’s medical examinations. When you ask your doctor to perform these services, he or she does not get paid by AHS even though the doctor has to spend time, use staff resources and provide a professional services which is backed up by years of education and costly insurance. As a matter of policy, the Allin Clinic charges the lowest fees from those recommended by the Alberta Medical Association.